Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Support

I am honored to hold space for you as you follow your inner guidance, experience your own light and tune into your soul's wisdom.  Cultivate a life of wellness and prosperity through holistic living!

Sound & Energy Therapy

Allow me to bathe you in the accoustic sounds of crystal and tibetan singing bowls!

Tuning forks are like surgical tools for the energy field and are used to clear, balance and optimize, the chakras, meridians, organs, and endocrine system.

Other benefits of sound therapy include:

  • Energy clearing
  • Nervous system balance
  • Detoxification
  • Emotional support

Multidimensional Energy Work

  • Soul retrieval
  • Akashic records and soul contracts
  • Mediumship

Customized Mentorships

Personal Energy Consciousness:

  • Universal life force energy
  • Grounding
  • Aura
  • Chakras
  • Inner knowing
  • Extrasensory perceptions
  • The power of consciousness
  • Ethics and boundaries

Sound & Energy Therapy:

  • Reiki I, II & III
  • Tuning forks for balancing energy systems, chakras, meridians, organs, endocrine, nervous system, tissues, bones, and joints
  • Tibetan singing bowls to alter states of consciousness, enhance healing and meditation
  • Crystal singing bowls for clearing and balancing the energy field
  • Multidemensional energy work


  • Stones and crystals
  • Oracle and tarot
  • Sacred geometry
  • Connecting with guides, angels and ancestors