My mission is to support those who are in a process of healing and personal transformation. I walk beside you on your path as you uncover your truth, body, mind and spirit.

Anna Axlund

Anna Axlund

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

My path to holistic healing began as early as I can remember.  Affected by chronic fatigue and widespread pain by my early thirties, I set out to learn how I may heal myself naturally.  Exercise, nutrition and other therapeutic services were all very helpful on this journey.  However, none of these served me better than trusting my own inner knowing and discovering the truth of who I am.

I serve to support others on their journeys by providing a safe, non-judgmental space for reflection, insight and personal development.

Professional Attributes:

  • Multidimensional and Highly Intuitive

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner/Reiki Master

  • Sound Therapist - Specializing in Tuning Forks